Yoga for the busy fellas

I did lots of yoga throughout my first year at college. It sculptured my arms beautifully, it enhanced my flexibility both physically and mentally and, most importantly, taught me how to actually concentrate in the moment.

Actually, it taught how to actually listen better and focus all my energy on my movements and breathing. It was a glorious time.

Then I had three car crashes in a row (none of them my fault) and I just couldn’t return to my full practice all at once. Two physical therapy treatments later plus a somewhat consistent walking routine, and my body was craving its yoga time back. 

Sadly, time has been very constraint lately. I have done some research around and there are no schools that fit my school schedule and (ahem!) budget.

Applications have worked in the past but they turn very dull very quickly and I hate keeping up with freemiums and ad-free requests. So I turned to good old YouTube, of course!

Here are my 3 go to videos right now for a quick, sweaty, purposeful & energetic yoga practice:

1// To get your heart rate going in the morning:

2// Instead of surfing Facebook & Bloglovin for half an hour, try this:

3// You can squeeze this in before going out on Friday: 

After the practice, I finish with a 5 to 10 minute meditation session. So far, my muscles feel less tense and my concentration level is right on track.  About those old toned arms? Well, for that my friends I guess I would really need a more consistent and stable routine but for now, this will do!

What do you do when you don’t have time to commit to a regular workout regime? 

I would appreciate all the advice I can get!

From the very yogi side of this, 



Positivity Tag Challenge

Happy New Year!

2015 is here now and I bet you’re all over your New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t know about you but I NEVER seem to actually get anything done, aside from the Goodreads book challenge in 2012, ha! So, I want to share a new practice I started last year that help me be less goal oriented and more self development oriented.

A year ago my Rotaract friends and I did something different for our traditional Christmas party. We did a sort-of cleansing ritual to embrace the new year with positivity and hope.

how I miss this bunch <3

how I miss this bunch ❤

We started by writing down on a piece of paper all the bad things or negative events that happened to us and that we would like to forget. After writing them down, everybody had one minute to reflect on them and continued to placed that piece of paper inside a jar with a candle. This was meant to symbolize the end of all those moments because they got burned down by the candle flame. Now they were long gone and we had space to welcome a new year of challenges.

Then, in a new piece of paper we had to write down new values and attitudes we wanted to adopt for the next year. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with specific goals that we are not able to accomplish under the time frame we selected. This practice helped me to understand that is not about what you do but who do you want to become, then all the rest will follow along.

Back when we did this, I was in a point of my life full of uncertainty, stress and confusion. I knew my life was going to changed drastically very fast, I was moving away to reunite with the love of my life, as you might know by now. I wrote down that I wanted love, vision and patience to be the key values to help me throughout this new journey. We placed that piece of paper on a Chinese sky lantern to symbolize that our wishes will come true.



look how high our wishes went!

I thought about applying this same dynamic but to the blog. The blog being the Chinese sky lantern here (or if you get one, go ahead!). Plus, wouldn’t be terrific to start this together & embrace lots more of positivity because who knows, it might be contagious! These are the guidelines:

1// Write down all the things you want to let go off and tare that piece of paper to shreds, tore it down, light it up! Do whatever you feel would be the most therapeutic for you (but don’t forger to be safe! haha)

2// Write down the new values and attitudes you want to adopt for this new year. Instead of writing that you want to loose weight or start exercising more write down will power, discipline, or consistency! The key is adopt the new values that will allow you to become the person you want to be.

3// Write these new values here, on your inspirational board or on your blog!

4// Invite people to join in, do it with your loved one or best friend, or on your blog, and spread the positivity!

4So here are the things I would like to get rid of (I want to keep this here on the blog to remind me of the promises I made to my future self):

  • Negative thoughts
  • Fear of failure
  • Lack of focus

Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.”- L.M. Montgomery

These are the new attitudes I want to adopt next year, in no particular order because they’are equally as important:

  • Consistency
  • Self-awareness
  • Love



I hope you will join this tag and do it whichever way it feels better for you! I know it helped me embrace my new life and self so much easier and I accomplished more than I ever thought I could.

I’ll would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Let’s start 2015 with a BANG!

From the sunny side of this, 


The Sunny Side of This in 2014

Given the fact that I started this blog in 2014 because my world was about to turn upside down, I want to share a recap of this whole amazing and confusing journey with you here.


As you know now, I moved here to Slovenia to reunite with the love of my life. Damn, I still get the chills by just writing that all over again! 

So in a moment of isolation and confusion, a 27th of January at midnight, I started the shit out of this blog in a blogpost called Life is too short. Perfect therapy!


2013-12-25 15.23.24-1

February was all about love in all its forms, talking about how the proposal happened, how to manage a long distance Valentine’s day, squeezing in a a fun roadtrip to a music festival in Alamos, Sonora with my friends and (cue the dromrolls!) booking the golden ticket  Continue reading

Not the Typical Christmas Story

Happy Christmas, everybody!

Hope you had/have a great time with lots of love and delicious food ❤

I don’t usually celebrate the 25th, the 24th at night is a bigger deal in Mexico.

My whole family from my mom’s side gets together and celebrate with a typical big, yummy dinner with turkey, roasted pork leg, pasta, salad, my mom’s famous desserts & (of course!) lots of tamales. How much I’m going to miss such exquisite menu!!

Then at 12:00 am we wish each other a Merry Christmas by creating this large chain of hugs, because literally we’re around 40+ family members all together and it takes forever to greet everyone, haha!

Then we proceed by opening gifts, which is fun because there are usually tons of them and it turns into a mini fashion runway show/gadget exposition.

Ah, and I almost forgot (and by almost, I mean never) last year on this very same day, right after the chain of hugs and giving away the presents, Miha proposed.


that was at the very moment I said yes!


Continue reading